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Educators That Rock!: Michael Sauers

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Photo by Cindi Trainor.

Michael Sauers is the technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission, the chair of the Nebraska Library Association and a frequent conference presenter. He has also authored nine books, and maintains a very funny and forward thinking blog at The Travelin’ Librarian.

Michael earned his master’s degree in library science from the University at Albany’s School of Information Science and Policy, and has been working in libraries for 15 years.

As Sauers appears to be part of an inner circle of technology librarian bloggers, findingEducation asked if he worried that other librarians might have difficulty relating to  him.

“I am always learning. They’re learning, too. I would hope that if it ever gets to the point where people can’t relate to what I’m doing, I would say I probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore,” he said.

Sauers tweets @msauers

fE: Why did you become a librarian?

MS: Through high school and college, I worked in bookstores. A year after I graduated, I was still living at home and still working in a bookstore at the mall. One day my parents asked me, “What are you doing with the rest of your life?” So I considered graduate school, trying to figure out what I could possibly do with an American Studies degree. And I realized, “Hah, library school! Hmm. I love books!” I realize it’s a cliché, but that’s why I went to library school.

I fully intended to be a reference librarian, but then in about 1994, the Web happened. I got to library school and discovered the Internet. I latched on and started teaching computer stuff to the other students there, and I pretty much haven’t stopped since.


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