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Quiztory: Week of March 27

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Test your students’ knowledge of the notable events covered in findingDulcinea’s “On This Day” column this week with Quiztory. It makes a fun extra credit assignment.

1. Who did Gov. Dick Thornburgh advise to evacuate after the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island?

2. From what movie did John Hinckley Jr. get the idea to assassinate President Ronald Reagan?

3. When was the Alaskan territory officially transferred to the United States?

4. What document issued by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella declared that all Jews must leave Spain before the end of July 1492?

5. Who called the Falkland Islands conflict between Argentina and Britain “two bald men fighting over a comb”?

What’s Coming Up?

Next week, “On This Day” will examine the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the Marshall Plan, Helen Keller and the Rwandan genocide. We’ll also take a look at President Carter and the neutron bomb, President Truman and the steel industry, and the “Mercury Seven.”

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