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Improve Students’ Online Research Skills With the On This Day Challenge

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

With today’s launch of the On This Day Challenge, findingEducation invited teachers and students to learn how to perform better Internet research and develop critical thinking skills while writing about important events in history.

In August 2008, Mary E. Shacklett asked the question, “Do Kids Have the Right Internet Skills?” for the Web site Internet Evolution. She spoke with Susan Brooks, cofounder of Internet4classrooms, to find an answer.

“Internet skills are like any concept which necessitates student instruction,” Brooks said. “Since these skills are not tested by many states, other areas of instruction that are tested get class-time priority. Because of this issue, many students may not have had direct instruction on how to perform research, and their skills reflect this.”

The On This Day Challenge provides the direct instruction that students need. Through tutorials, students practice their Web research skills and learn how to find reliable information on historical events. Using critical thinking and analysis skills, students then organize their research and write articles that may be featured on

Each month, a drawing will award a $100 gift card from a national retailer to classes that have submitted at least five articles that month. A grand prize drawing will award a cash prize of $1,000 to a class that has submitted at least 25 articles during the school year.

Get complete On This Day Challenge rules and examples of project submissions.

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